Best Cricut Fonts

best cricut fonts

Cricut Fonts

Cursive fonts are a great way to personalize your Cricut projects. But you should always use them carefully!

Script fonts are especially helpful for DIY wedding signs and decor. But you should also be careful about using them on other designs, as they can make the cutting and weeding process more difficult.

Best Fonts to Use

Whether you’re creating a logo for a new business or putting together a social media graphics package, the best Cricut fonts can make all the difference. From trendy cursive designs to beautiful script fonts, there’s something for everyone on this list!

Some fonts look great with just one layer of material, while others are perfect for a multi-layer cut. If you’re planning to use your Cricut to cut iron-on or vinyl, you’ll want to choose a font that will stand up to the test.

A good way to find the right fonts for your project is by visiting a site that sells fonts and other design elements. These websites often offer high-quality, professionally designed fonts for a low price.

You can also check out Dafont, a site that features cool and diverse fonts from designers worldwide. Their easy-to-use search function makes it easy to find the perfect font for your project.

If you’re looking for a font that has a lot of character, try Anna. This modern sans serif font has a clean design and innovative letterforms. It’s an excellent option for t-shirts, posters, or other decorative projects.

This bouncy, hand-lettered cricut font is sure to deliver wherever you put it. It’s a great choice for wedding decorations and shirts, and it’s also compatible with other materials like stickers.

Best Cricut Fonts – Fonts Not to Use

When it comes to using fonts in Cricut Design Space, there are some that you should avoid at all costs. They don’t look good, and they may even be a hindrance to the cutting process.

Rough Fonts: These fonts have a lot of little spots that are very hard for your machine to cut around. They also don’t look very professional.

Courier: This font is often used in marketing materials and designs, but it’s difficult to read. It’s a bad choice for titles and high-font texts.

Cambria: This is a very popular font but it’s not that easy to read and it doesn’t seem serious.

Gill Sans: This is another very popular font that doesn’t look very professional and doesn’t seem serious either.

Garamond: This is a very old font that is perfect for publications and food-related projects.

Writing Fonts: These fonts have letters that look like hand-written text.

To filter fonts in Cricut Design Space, click the Filters button at the top of the Font menu. Depending on your desktop or mobile device, you can choose from different filters.

You can download and install your own fonts from the web to use in Cricut Design Space. Just make sure that you have the correct file ending (.ttf or.otf) and that you follow the prompts on your computer to install it.

Where to Find Best Fonts

If you’re looking to find the best fonts for Cricut projects, there are a few places you can go. These include Creative Market, Font Bundles, and Google Fonts.

The first place to start is by doing a quick search online for the type of font you want to use. Once you’ve found a website, you can then browse their fonts to see which ones look promising.

Another great way to find the right fonts for your projects is by experimenting with a few different font styles. For example, you could try a hand-lettered or script font like Bright Dreams. This font would be great for creating labels and signs that need a bit of personality.

Alternatively, you can use an outlined font like Luna to add a stencil-like effect to your designs. This style will work well for vinyl cutting projects.

Finally, you can also try a writing font like Shelly. This font is great for wedding invitations and other paper crafting projects that require a more elegant look.

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