Free Wedding Cricut Handwriting Fonts

Free Wedding Cricut Handwriting Fonts

Cricut Handwriting Fonts

If you are looking for a way to make your Cricut projects more personal, consider using handwriting fonts you need good Cricut handwriting fonts. These typefaces can be used to create labels, tags, and cards.

But before you start designing, be sure to check if the writing font you choose is compatible with your Cricut machine. This is because certain fonts might be drawn with hollow spaces when outlined by the Cricut pen or marker.

1. Ichiro – Cricut Handwriting Fonts

If you’re looking for a fun font that has an artistic flair, Ichiro is your guy. This handwriting cricut font is perfect for branding projects, stickers, shirts, and social media posts!

In order to use these writing fonts, you’ll need a Cricut Access subscription. They’re also very different from regular fonts that have width and height.

2. Alanis

Cricut handwriting fonts give you the look and feel of writing without the hassle of using a pen. They’re perfect for making cards, wedding invitations, and other projects that need a little personalization.

Cricut has a few writing fonts in Design Space that work well with the pen, foil, and engrave tools. You can find them in the Font Filters menu.

3. James Tan Dinawanao

Script fonts are one of the best ways to add personalization to your design projects. They mimic a person’s penmanship so your crafts feel more like they came straight from the hands of the creator.

This is one of the Cricut handwriting fonts-inspired font is great for stationery, invitations, and greeting cards. Try mixing it with other fonts, too!

4. Standard Nib Handwritten – Cricut Handwriting Fonts

Cricut is a powerful die-cutting tool that can cut, score, emboss, and deboss materials.

It can also write on many of those same materials. That’s what makes it such a great crafter’s best friend!

Handwritten fonts are perfect for creating personalized cards, envelopes, and invitations. They give your designs a touch of DIY charm that you just can’t get from typing!

5. Vin’s Dojo

If you’re looking for a handwriting font that’s both classic and bold, Vin’s Dojo is a great choice. It has a graffiti-like style that’s sure to add a fun, edgy vibe to your designs!

Another thing to keep in mind is that many writing fonts are single line fonts, meaning that they don’t have width or height. This means that the Cricut pens will read them as outlines rather than solid characters.

6. Davys Crappy Writ

There are so many options for handwriting fonts that can be used on your Cricut projects. Here are the best ones to check out:

Davys Crappy Writ has a fun, edgy feel that will work well on designs with a casual aesthetic. Try it on a social media post or greeting card for an extra touch of personality.

7. Marigold – Cricut Handwriting Fonts

A cute handwriting font like this is great for creating holiday cards, invitations, or tags. It’s also a good choice for kids or school events.

You can use this Cricut handwriting fonts for personal projects, but you should check licensing restrictions before using it commercially.

8. Kismet

Handwriting fonts are a great way to add a personal touch to your projects. You can make cards, gift tags, labels, and even foil quill invitations with these fonts!

However, the problem is that Cricut and Silhouette pens draw text as an outline, not as a character. This can create a hollow effect when writing on a label or card.

9. Barbe Granger

Cricut Handwriting fonts are the best way to give any project some personal flair. Since they mimic a person’s handwriting, they can turn any craft into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Cricut makes it easy to write any of its system fonts with a pen or marker. You just need to change the line type to “Write” when selecting a font.

10. Over Bright – Cricut Handwriting Fonts

If you’re looking for a cute, casual font for Cricut projects that has a bit of personality to it, Over Bright is definitely a good choice. This pretty font has a lovely calligraphy style to it and can be used on invitations, greeting cards, posters, and more!

It also has some pretty brush lettering, which gives it a lovely watercolour feel. This free font is a great way to add a touch of handwriting to your projects.

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