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Welcome to Design Bundles YouTube channel. If you guys are new here, my name is Crystal, And today I am going to show you guys how to use Cricut Design Space in 2022. So let’s go ahead and dive right in One of the first things that I wantto show you that has updated with Cricut Design. Space is their shapes.

So if you’re, somebody that likes to design right here inside of the Cricut design software or if you’re new – and you think you will having more shapes – is amazing – It doesn’t seem like it is. But whenever you design inside of Cricut design space, it definitely is useful.So say, for example, they have now added a half of a circle And it may not mean something to somebody, but it definitely will mean it to people that are designing So say, for example, to Get a half a circle: what we used to do was take a circle, and then we would go back in here.

We would grab a square and we would size the square up a little bit. We would center these up and then we would select both of them. We would come down here and slice it, So this would allow us to get a half of a circle. So you would delete everything else and keep your half a circle.

So, just by having that half a circle in our shapes and being able to click a half a circle, that’s going to just save you so much time in itself. So I’m really excited about that as well. As you know, having a square with rounded corners, I think, is pretty awesome and its own, And you can also see that we’ve got a few extra shapes as well. So you definitely can work and get a lot done with these basic shapes right here And then you also have your Upload area.

So I want to show you the difference with this. If you go to upload an image hit Browse I’m going to hit Downloads.I’m going to go to one of my mock ups right here, I’m going to click on this JPEG

I’M going to go to Complex, Continue, You’re going to notice now, on the left hand, side, it’s looking a whole lot different Before we had our little magic wand right up here. Now it’s moved down here to the bottom.

So you see we have manual, so you can just click on that and you can click this piece right here and get rid of it.Just like before your eraser’s down here. So you can click on this. You can choose your eraser size and then erase it like. So as well To restore you’re just simply going to change your brush stroke once again So say, for example, I got off on the arm a little bit. I can actually come in and clean a little bit.

Instead of having to go backwards and take a big piece off, I can now go back in and clean just a little bit, So that has changed here for the manual, But once again for the access they’ve gave you a little bit more. Now, I’m not a huge fan of it because say, for example, what I’m trying to keep? Is this T-shirt right here and get rid of everything else? If you hit Preview they’re going to show you what all you’re going to be able to get rid of

So that’s actually going to get rid of everything, except for the pants.I’ve played around with this a little bit. So I’m sure it’s going to work amazing with some things and some things it’s going to be a little tricky Now this is a very complex design. You’Re, just simply going to hit revert to go backwards.

So that’s something that they’ve added for access members, but you definitely don’t need it. You could definitely do this yourself, So as you guys can see that they have changed that just a little bit for the Upload area. Now, don’t let that scare, you If you are new to Cricut and you’re thinking, ,’Oh my gosh

That’S kind of scary to bring in an SVG or PNG’. Definitely don’t let it scare you So say, for example, this SVG here: let’s go ahead and click Upload, An Image Browse And then I’m just going to search for an SVG on my computer SVG And I’m just going to go ahead and click on one

So I’m gon na click on this nurse here Open.So for a basic SVG just like so it’s just going to pop up like this. You don’t need to hit Complex or any of those things, And then you can name it. You can tag it. So it’s easier to find for you for later

And then you’re going to click on Upload and it’s going to come in just like so So it’s superduper easy You’re going to click on it, You’re going to see it down here. I’Ve actually got both of these

I can exit one off add to Canvas and you’re going to bring it in. Just like so Same thing with your PNGs You’re going to do the exact same thing.Now. I want to do a quick run through of Cricut Design Space to show you how to use it. So whenever you open, Cricut Design Space, it’s going to look just like this

Now, for me, I’m not a fan of the tiny grids To get rid of those right up here. This little square click on it. You can have a blank canvas or the bigger grid. I like the bigger grid. I think the tiny ones are just too busy for the eye, So I really like to work on my canvas like this

I wanted to show that right away, Another thing that you can actually do too. If you want to change your background, you can click on it here and then come up to Color And say, for example, I want my background to be blue, because my T-shirt is going to be blue. You can definitely do that as well.So. Let’S go ahead and say that I’m making a T-shirt. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to click on Upload.

I’M making this’Faith’ T-shirt I’m going to click on it, add to Canvas and bring it in just like so Now. How do we resize this? You have a couple different options. You can grab your little corner right here and you can bring it in or you can come right up here to the top I’m going to click on my Height

10 enter And it’s going to change it to that 10 inches. So it’s super easy to resize these out Now say. For example, I want to change the color of this to see what color with my vinyl.So. I know that I’m cutting this out with pink

I could come up here to this little square right here and change it to pink just like so Now. If I was going to change this from a Cut file to a Draw file, I would come right here under Operation where it says Basic Cut, and then I can change it here So say, for example, using a foil pin. I could change it to you know. Fine or medium here, So that’s where you would change those options here: Rright up underneath operation,

So let’s go ahead and go back to a Basic Cut, just like so Now what are a few other things that we can do right here? You can duplicate it So right over here. If we need to cut you know a couple of them, we can do it here Or, if you’re going to cut this 20 times, we can do it over here on the canvas

So, let’s hit Make It.From here you’re going to get a couple choices So say. For example, I have mine set on the Cricut Maker 3. It’S going to ask me if I want to cut it without the mat or on the mat, I’m going to tell it we’re actually cutting on the mat and I’m going to hit Done.

So I’m actually going to cut this out 20 times. I could come up here to project copies hit 20 Enter, And this is actually going to give us 20 times. So it’s going to load as many as it can on. One mat just like that. Now what? If I was actually cutting this out with my 12 x, 24

I would change my mat to a 12 x 24 and then Cricut is automatically going to add in as many as they can And you’re going to have now three mats just like so.Now. If you’re working with vinyl, you don’t need to mirror it. But if you are working with Iron On, you need to make sure you turn on your Mirror feature which is going to flip it in reverse, So you’re going to turn that Mirror feature on right here.

So that’s how you’re going to do that. So, let’s go ahead and hit cancel and come back over to the canvas. Now I want to show you guys a quick knockout. How do you knock this design out? So let’s go ahead and rotate this guy

You can do it by grabbing this little Rotate tool right here, or you could also do it here So right over here with the Rotate I can say, for example, I want to rotate this 90 degrees. I would type in 90 and you guys can see that it’s gon na rotate right there, I’m gon na go ahead and hit Undo. So let me show you how to knock this out.

So let’s say, for example, that I have this square like so, and I want to knock it out of here. I’M going to unlock this by clicking the lock button here and I’m going to drag it down just like so.Say that I’m wanting …

I want this to be just like this right, So say. For example, I want this to be …. Let’S say: 3 x, 10

I could come up here, make it precise It’s unlocked. So if I type in three it’s only going to change the Width to 3 And then I can come to Height change 10 and it’s only going to change my Height to 10. Once you’re done with it. You can click that lock button and then we can bring this back in

So I’m actually going to size this down a little bit. Then what want to do is click on this Arrange to the Front So to change your arrangement for your designs and layers. Arrange is right here, Move to the front, Bring it in just like so

And then you can also center these. I can select them both and then I can hit Align.And. Then I can click on Center So now that it’s perfectly center, I’m going to select them both You’re going to come to Slice.

Now, if this was say, for example, my’faith’ was in individual letters, it was in multiple layers. I would actually want to click on all of those first and hit Weld, But it’s in one piece. So that’s good! You need each piece: that’s going to slice to only be in one piece.Then. You need to select them both. You can do this by dragging over both of them holding down with your mouse.

Or you can come up here and hit Select All Next we’re going to come down here to Slice and hit Slice. If you grab your big piece right here, you’re going to notice now we have that knockout, I’m going to go and rotate this for you guys. So you guys can see it a little bit better. So that’s how you guys can create a very simple knockout design.

So I wanted to show you guys that And then I’m going to show you guys a mock up So say. For example, I want to see what my design is going to look like on. A T-shirt.You can come right over here to templates, and then you can search for a T-shirt Say, for example, scroll down

Click on this one here You can change it from you, know, small, medium, large, etc. I can change it from Men’s to Women’s. You guys will see that changed shape a little bit. I can come to Color

Say, for example, I was doing a baby blue shirt. I could come to Advance to really narrow it down to that perfect baby blue And then I can bring my design in Just like so Bring in Faith. And then I can look at this on the T-shirt to see exactly how it’s going to look.

Now this is not the exact size. I need to cut it. It’S just visually …. I can look at it and see if I like this

Now another way that you could do this is you can use our mock ups. So over on I’m gon na go ahead and go to New, really quick over on designbundles.net. You can go type in’mock up’, So you can do T-shirt mock up hoodie mockup, a mug. There’S all sorts of different mock ups socks. You can search for those and bring them in

So you’re going to bring them in like a png. So here’s one right here So when I bring this in, what’s really cool …

I’M actually going to go ahead and bring this out, so I can see.What’s really cool is I can bring my design in So say, for example, this faith here Add to Canvas and then I can bring it in just like so So I can see how this Is going to look on the T-shirt?

So do I want to bring it all the way down the T-shirt, or do I want to bring it somewhere right in here? That way, I can just visually see, And I think this mock up just looks a whole lot better to play around with. So that’s just another idea to use with these mock ups Now, if you guys are a Plus member with us for designbundles

❗️ Cricut Design Space 2022

Net, you guys can get these for 1 Plus Credit, So, for example, this one was only 1 Plus Credit. We have tons of them to offer So definitely check those out Now. Once again, this is not the exact size that I need, But I could go now to my T-shirt and measure about three fingers down and then a little bit from the bottom.

And then say, for example, I came up with nine inches. I would come to my Height here. Put in a 9 enter It’s going to resize for me Now. What I can do is I can come back here. I can change my mock up a little bit. Just so I can visually see once again and say’Okay. This is exactly what it’s going to look like’. I can then take a screenshot of this, So I can save it for later or upload it on my Etsy and things like that.

So you can design things right here inside of Cricut Design Space. So that’s how you guys are going to use those. So now that we’ve worked with an SVG, how do you work with a Print, then Cut so we’re going to go to Upload here and then I’m going to..

I’M actually going to go to View All because I’ve got a few sticker sheets here. I want to show you I’m going to click on this sticker sheet. Right here add to Canvas, If you guys want to see how I did this one right here, definitely check it. Out.We’Ll have it linked above or down below, so you guys can see how we did. This Print then Cut sticker sheet.

We have a video on it, So you’re going to bring this file in And what I love about. Our sticker sheet files like this they’re ready to be cut out, So you guys can see. Hopefully you can see right here.

Let’S bring this design in so hopefully you can see here This little white border. It already has an offset for you as well. So it’s ready to cut it out. So it’s not going to cut right on that black line. It gives you just a little bit of that white border.

So to work with these designs, you’re going to notice right away that we’re getting a warning, because this is way too big for Print then Cut. If you click on that warning, that will give you your exact dimensions that you need to cut this out, because you can only do Print then Cut a 6.75 by 9.25. So it’s perfect. So what we can do is start with our bigger piece. 9.

25 or depending on what size you want these stickers to be.So, I’m going to come to my Height here and put in 9.25 and click Enter. So obviously we still have a warning, So we are a little bit too big.

See how now we have 6.93, So I need to change this one. So let’s do 6.75. 6

75 and we’ll do this side, So that’s going to give us 9.005. Obviously perfect! You guys are going to notice that our Print, then Cut is going to go away So to make this you’re simply going to hit, Make It now and you’re going to get a mat like this

So this is going to show you we need to print this out and you’re going to get this black border Once again. If you want to see how I did this definitely check that video out. But if you hit Continue, it’s going to tell you to send it to the printer.From here you would choose your printer, Make sure that you turn off the bleed line and then you’re simply going to hit Print

Once you’re done you’re going to turn on your machine and then you would be able to choose your cut settings, etc. But once again, if you want to see that definitely have a video here on the channel. So now that we’ve went over Print then Cut. Let’S go ahead and talk about our font. How do you use the font So you’re gon na click on Text?

You’Re going to get a text box here And to change it right over here on Font, you can hit a drop down menu Now on All you’re going to see. This is all of the fonts here from Cricut, as well as the ones that are on your computer, that you’ve downloaded or that came with your computer.So. If you want to narrow this down to what’s on your computer click on System And if you want to narrow it down to all of the Cricut ones, click on Cricut

Also, you can choose only Kern fonts, which means fonts that are, you know, mesh together, like the cursive. You can turn that on or off You can also filter. You know my fonts, multiple layer and so on so forth. So, let’s click on System.From hear you can scroll through here and see the fonts that you’ve downloaded and things like that.

If I want to search for one I can type in for example’Farm’ Enter, And I’m going to find my font that I’ve downloaded from designbundles.net Click on it and then I’m going to type this out Now, how do you bring them from your computer?

We also have a video on that I’ll. Have it linked above or down below, to show you guys how to bring your fonts right inside of Cricut design space.So, I’m gon na go ahead and type out, Samantha, just like so Once again to size this out. I can drag it right here or I can do it right up here So say. For example, I want this to be three inches high.

And that’s how I’m going to get that So a few other features that you do have for your font. Is you have curves, So you can definitely curve this down or up. So that’s something you can do If you need to change this back, put it to zero Enter

And then you also have Advanced, So we can ungroup these to individual layers as well. So that’s another thing that you can do Now. I want to show you how you use Slice Weld, Attach Flatten and Contour. So let’s go ahead and go over to Upload.

I’M going to bring in this guy right here.So. This is a PNG, So this is going to be a Print, then Cut You guys can see automatically it’s a Print, then Cut. So I am going to size this down right away.

I’M gon na do the 6.75 6.75, just like so Obviously still too big, So I’m just going to go ahead and size it down like so

I just need something to show you guys, So I’ve got this right here Now you notice, if I go to cut this out, this hss not got an Offset. This does not have a border around it. So how do we use the Offset feature?

So if you click on your design come right over here to Offset and you guys are going to see that it’s going to give you a nice border all the way around, As you guys can see here now, it’s gave us this nice little border. So if you’re happy with this all you’re going to do is hit Apply.If, you want to make it even smaller or bigger. You can come up here and make those adjustments And then once you’re happy you’re going to hit Apply.

It’S going to automatically turn it to black. So now we have two layers here So say. For example, if this is going to be a sublimation design, I’m printing this out and I’m going to you know, cut it out with a Siser, Easy Subli. I would want to flatten the two which I’ll show you in a second But say, for example, I wanted to put this on glitter HTV. This would be a glitter HTV layer.So. I would keep it separate. I wouldn’t try to flatten them.

So I’d have this and then this would be. My Print then Cut So this one. I would actually come over here and change it to a Basic Cut file and then it may change the color again. So I can actually say it’s white glitter. I can change it to white just like so So this would be my Basic Cut.

So it would be HTV glitter, so I can sublimate on it And then this Print then Cut layer would obviously be my sublimation piece. So what I’m gon na do is I’m actually just going to go ahead and change this right back to the Print then Cut. So what I want to do to flatten this is I’m going to hit, Select All and then I’m going to hit Flatten. So now this is one solid piece:

You guys can see this here, It’s one solid piece, So it’s going to do it together. So whenever I go to Make It it’s not going to be on two separate mats, It’s going to print out here. First

So this is my Print, then Cut layer and then it’s going to cut around it, So I’m going to have that nice border. So that’s how you would use that Offset feature for the Print then Cut. Now what if I was doing..

Let’S bring back in our font here, I’m going to do Samantha, Okay And what, if I was doing an offset on here, I’m click on Offset, and then you can see that

I can make as big or as little as I want.Size it down just a little bit here. I’M gon na click Apply, So I want to change that back layer here to be pink and then I can either A ) Cut this out in two separate pieces. So this one right here is going to be in black and then this is my pink layer.

You can see they’re two separate layers. This is an offset So that way you have that nice background Or say, for example, I’m wanting to knock it out. I can also select both of these hit Slice once again.

And that’s how you’re going to get your knockout for your font as well. So that’s another thing to point out, So that’s how you guys are going to use the Offset feature Now. How do you use Slice? I’Ve already showed you guys that in the beginning, with your circle and square

Now let me go ahead and show you guys how to Weld or Attach So let’s go ahead and go to this one here. I know that this one is in separate pieces. So if you ever get a file like this, and you automatically know that you’re going to cut them all out in the same color.I went ahead and sized this down, so you guys can see

So if you know that this is all going to be black you’re not going to change all of these individual, you have two options You can click on Attach. What attach is doing is it’s keeping them separate, They’re, not all welded together, but they’re separate, but they’re. All going to cut in the same position, So if I go to hit, Make It and I’ve hit, Attach they’re going to cut the exact way that they’re supposed to

So I’m gon na hit Done On the mat. I’M hit Done, So you guys can hopefully see here because I know it’s dark. Hopefully you guys can see on screen. It’S kept it all together.

It didn’t try to separate it into tiny pieces, because that will happen. If you have individual layers like this, It could separate it on the mat So Attach is just going to allow it to cut all together in the same area.So. I’M actually going to go ahead and hit Detach to make it unattached And then now what I’m going to do to weld it, I’m going to hit, Select All and I’m going to hit Weld

You’Re going to see what’s going to happen, If you hit Weld now it’s one solid piece: I don’t have multiple layers, So it’s also going to cut in the exact same position, but now it’s just one solid piece So say, for example, if you guys are doing Slice to do the knockouts, you have to weld it.

So if I wanted to knock this out, it wouldn’t allow me, unless I welded it, because I needed it to be one piece For our last option here, which is Contour. What Contour is going to do is allow us to get rid of pieces So say, for example, I don’t want the’with me’, I just want’grow old’. What I can do is, I can individually click on these pieces, just like so, And what you’re going to notice is, when I click on this you’re going to notice that we’re starting to get rid of those pieces. So I’m gon na hit Contour

So I’m just going to go ahead and continue to do so Now say, for example, I wanted to do it really fast and I’m just needing the’Me’. I could go to hide all contours. So what is keeping is just one of these pieces here, I’m going to click on’me’, So I’m gon na go ahead and click and bring these back in and now I can get rid of this piece here And then I’m quickly,

..All I’ve kept is’Me’, So it’s gon na allow you to quickly be able to get rid of those pieces. So that’s what your Contour is going to be for is to eliminate pieces. So I hope you guys have enjoyed this

I hope you found it helpful If you did please hit the Like button down below and Subscribe and I’ll see you guys on the next one Read More Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp, Unboxing & Review,

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