How to Cut Faux Leather on a Cricut

Hello and welcome This is Angie with the So today we’re going to talk about cutting faux leather with our Cricut machine, So you can cut faux leather with either Cricut Maker or your Cricut Explorer series.

And it’s super easy to cut It’s easier to cut than regular leather. It kind of gives you that same look and feel to your projects. If you’ve not used faux leather before, I would say, watch this video order, some try it for some of your projects. So let’s get started:

First, let’s talk about how to add this, to the mat, Then we’ll head to the Cricut machine and do some cutting First you’ll want to upload your image to Cricut Design, Space or design something within Cricut Design Space itself. So these are some leaf earrings and I’m actually going to drop a link in the description for this video, where you can download the free SVG for these and then we’re just going to click make it. So you want to resize these to be at whatever size. You want and then click make it

So now you’re going to want to mirror your cut and then we’re going to click continue. So we’re mirroring our cut because we’re cutting our material face down on the mat and then we’ll connect our machine and then we’ll want to pick the faux leather setting. So I always search for faux and do faux leather paper thin with the Cricut seam, because we’re using the Cricut version and we’re wanting to put our fine-point blade in the machine and go ahead and cut We’re actually going to cut the Cricut brand of faux leather. Today, So you’ll need a really good strong-grip mat and then you’re going to want to put the leather face down.

So the shiny side should be down, The rougher side should be up, And then you’re going to want to press that down really really well on your strong-grip mat, pressing down, really well.And. You can also use a brayer. A brayer looks something like this and you can use it to press the leather down.

Then we’re going to head to the Cricut machine, upload a design and cut faux leather. I’M going to add my fine-point blade to my machine Now, I’m using the Maker, but this works the same with the Explorer series And then we’ll put our material into the machine and press C to cut. Then, when it’s done we’ll remove it from our mat and we’ll go remove these in the craft room

And this is what our mat looks like once: we’ve cut our pieces, So you can start peeling that back and then removing our earrings from the mat. Now I said earrings because these can be turned into earring pieces. You can just remove any of the small pieces with your hands, So if you want to see how to make these into earrings, then I’ll drop a link, the description below for our tutorial on how to do that.

But as you can see, cutting faux leather is super easy on your Cricut. So here are our pieces cut out of faux leather, perfect cuts. I use my maker, but these are fine-point blades. You could use the Cricut Explore series as well, Not a problem at all. Now want the cut file for these leafs then head to the description for this video

And I have a link for free SVG. You could also head there and check out a link for how to turn these into earrings, because you know you want to Thank y’all so much for joining me today. Hope you learned a little bit about cutting faux leather.If. You loved this video, give us a thumbs up.

If you have any questions about cutting faux leather or anything else about your Cricut machine, you can ask those in the comment section below You’ll also want to head on over to your YouTube channel Hit subscribe. First then, look at the other videos that we have all about your Cricut machine. So if you have any basic questions about your Cricut machine, we probably have a video for you plus all kinds of projects as well. Thank you so much for joining me today, and I will see you next week in another Cricut video

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