Cricut EasyPress vs. Craft Press | Heat Press Comparison

Hi, I’m Stefanie with Transfer Express We’rethe, leading manufacturer of custom screen printedand digital heat transfers. Today, we’re goingto talk to you about the differences between theCricut EasyPress and the Pink Press. If you’rejust getting started decorating apparel you’regoing to want to know the differences between thetwo different types of presses to get you the bestresults, If you’re a decorator working out of yourhome or a small office space, is really importantand. With these two types of presses youhave, a small amount of space to work withthe craft press has the size of a 9 by 12 inchplaten, whereas the Cricut press is a 10 by 12

This is the size of the platen. You also want tomake sure that you have enough space for the extrapad.Both of these type of presses are reallyeasy to learn how to use. They have simple buttonsto help you change the time and the temperaturewhereas. The pink press has an adjustment, knob toadjust, the pressure, The Cricut EasyPress you needto, lift to use and to press. You need to use uh your body weight as pressure and you’re, not quitesure the exact pressure on this type of pressnow. Let’S apply some t-shirts with theCricut, Easy Press and the pink press.Now I’m going to apply a goof proof, screenprint and transfer using the Pink Press.I’m going to align my shirt and go ahead and giveit a quick pre-press to make sure that my pressureis all nice and medium To firm, which it is Ican, use the pressure adjustment, knob and thenI can go ahead and take my transfer and flip itover with the ink side facing down

Make sure Ihave all of the ink on the press, I’m going to goahead and close the heat press for five secondsand, then, as soon as that time is done, it gives mea little beep and I can go ahead and release thepress and peel the transfer in a Smooth evenmotion and end up applied beautifully There. Okay, now I’m going to press the 100 % cottonshirt with the goof proof transfer using theCricut, Easy Press, i’m going to go aheadand oop. First, we need to pre-press that upi’m going to go ahead and pre-press thefabric here to remove any moisture or wrinkles. Okay. Now I’ve got my goof proof, transfer I’mgoing to go ahead and flip it on the shirt. Hereand then use the easy press to make sure I haveeverything centered and then for five secondswe’re pressing down. Oh, I got to start my time. Okay and then we can go ahead and peel Yeah youcan tell some of the areas didn’t apply. Here.Maybe. I didn’t have enough pressure on that. Youcan see. There’S still. Some ink left on the paperwhich indicates to me that it didn’tall apply well and we didn’t have a goodadhesion or temperature to activate the adhesivesor, the inks to actually get into the shirtnicely. So the the extra ink on the paperhere would definitely indicate, as you can seein these areas on this top linethat. I didn’t have good pressure ortemperature or something was off.

Okay, we’re going to apply to a 100 % cotton shirtusing, the Cricut Easy Press here with the UltraColor Soft digital transfers. So I’m going togo ahead and pre-press my fabric. I have the Cricuteasy press set to 300 degrees for five seconds I’mgoing to go ahead and pre-press. The fabric just toremove any moisture and wrinkles out of the fabricmaterial Okay set that back on the base and thenI can go ahead and take my digital transfer. Hereand place it down, and I have my shirt here: onthe Cricut pad. Okay! Now I’m going to coverwith the cover sheet here and then I cantake my press and make sure that it iscovered in the design and then I need a mediumto firm pressure. All right. I need to set my15 seconds

Cricut EasyPress vs. Craft Press | Heat Press Comparison

Okay, so I need a mediumto firm pressure, um, which isokay.I need to start the time. Andi’M, not quite sure how much pressureto put on gives it my whole body weight to whereI’m, pressing it really hard, or is this good, so I feel like from each person. It might be alittle bit of difference with how much pressureyou’re putting down Okay so now it’sa cold peel. So I can move my shirt offof, the press here or the pad to let it cooldown. Now I’m going to apply using the pink press with the 100 cotton shirt, I’m going to adjust mypressure using the pressure knob on the top andI’m going to close to pre-press and to also checkhow much pressure. I am on with this and it feelspretty firm, …

So that feels good and then I cango ahead and take my transfer design and place iton this on the platen here and center it and thencover it with the cover sheet. That’S provided withthe order and then we can go ahead and lock itdown and it has a digital time already set for me.And once that time is done, gives me a littlebeep and then I can go ahead and remove thecover sheet and then carefully remove the shirtoff of The platen and set it to the side to coolnow that both of our transfers, onour t-shirts, are completely cold. We’Re going to go ahead and peel thisoff We’re going to do this. One herefirst from the Cricut press and we’regonna move it in a smooth, even motion. Okay – and you can see – I have some ink still leftfrom the paper and oh yeah. You can see wherewe didn’t get a good application. Here.We’Ve got some areas of the design thatare lifting from the shirt, so I’m notvery, confident looking at it that itapplied well. I do see some areas on the cornerstoo and the adhesive yeah. Definitely that did notdid not adhere to the shirt using the Cricut easypress. So I feel like maybe not enough pressure umI’m, hoping that the temperature also isaccurate. We can test that, but with thepressure wise there’s, really no tellingwhether, I had a medium to firm, pressureusing, my body weight, so um. You know that I’mnot confident to sell something like thatokay. Now, let’s go ahead and peel the onefrom, the pink craft press, where we did havean accurate pressure knob and we can go ahead, andpeel and start from this side, and we can go aheadand peel. All of that, oh that yeah that felt alot better. When I peeled it and as you can seethere’s no ink or adhesive left on thecarrier, and then we can go ahead and examineand, it looks like we had good application, even inthose areas that it didn’t using the Cricut easypress. It looks like it applied. Pretty good andI’d feel a lot more confident using the pink pressto sell this to a customer in the end, if you’relooking to decorate apparel and sell them tocustomers, it’s really important for you to havethe best quality heat press that you can haveyou really want to have accurate Time, temperatureand pressure and, as you can see, the Cricut easypress does fall short on accurate pressure. Youcan ensure that, with the pink press that you’regoing to have accurate time, temperature andof course pressure. This video showed you thedifferences between the Cricut, Easy Press and thePink Press. If you enjoyed this video click thelike button and subscribe to our channel for moreinformation about heat transfers, happy pressing

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