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Hello and welcome to Craft with Sarah and another Cricut tutorial on howto make my latest layer design SVG. This design is perfect for Birthdaycards and it’s a Happy Birthday designwhich can be cut fairly small so that youcan fit it on all of those greetings cards. You can download the free cutting file for thisproject at or followthe link in the description of this video to gostraight to the download page, The download comesin, a zip folder, and you need to unzip. This beforeyou can upload the files into Cricut Design Space

Once you’ve downloaded and unzipped the folder head to Cricut Design Space and start a newproject Click upload over on the left and thenupload image, You can then either click browseor. You can drag and drop the file in Make sureyou choose the unzipped version of the folderand. The file to upload for CricutDesign Space is the one which startsSVG in the file name.Make sure you choose thatone, because the other file types won’t workin, Cricut Design, Space

So Im goingto drag that in and it should look likethis once it’s uploaded with all thelayers appearing on top of each other. If yours looks different and you can see thelayers side by side instead that means you’veaccidentally uploaded the wrong file so ifthat’s the case. Click cancel down on thebottom and start again and make sure you uploadthe one which starts svg in the file. Name, Click on upload and then the imagewill appear in your recent uploads.Click on it to get the green border. Aroundand, then press add to canvas. You can nowresize the design using the width andheight boxes at the top of the screen.

Make sure the little padlock icon is closed. Sothat when you resize it. It changes the width andheight in proportion.If. Your padlock is open, simply click it with your mouse to close it For my design, I’m going to make it 7.5 incheswide and then, if I hit enter on the keyboard, you see the width changed in proportion. Too.All of the layers are down in the layers. Panelon. The right hand, side and if you want to youcan change the colours easily by clicking on alayer

Let’S go for this yellow balloon andchanging the colours over in this box here.I’m just going to undo that, though, as I’mgoing to cut mine from the colours thatare already shown When you’re happy withhow, the design is looking, click make itover on the top right and then it Willspit out, all of the different colours.This design is really great for using up yourscraps of cardstock. So if you’ve got any littlebits lying about that, you weren’t sure what to dowith. But obviously you wouldn’t throw them awaybecause we’re crafters and we don’t throw anythingaway. What you can do is you can drag and drop theshapes around on the mat so that you can then useyour scraps to cut it from.If you had a long thinpiece. You could maybe do something likethis to get it to fit on that scrap piece.

So go ahead and change all of the differentones. You do need to look at each colourindividually. If you want to change the papersize, you can do that in this drop down. Too.When you finished reordering and rearranging click continue That will connect to your Cricutmachine and then follow the instructions on screento. Get everything cut out from your card stock. Here is the Birthday design all cut out. Andi’Ve just led everything on top of each otherto check that one. I haven’t lost anythingalong the way and two that I’m happy withhow. All the colours are looking

Nowi know I’m happy with it. I can startto take the layers apart and just move themover to the side, because, with all of theselayer designs that I make, we start atthe bottom and work our way upwards, I’m trying to keep all the little balloonstogether so that I know which bit goes withwhich What I might actually do first whileI’m here. Is these little bunting pieces somove those two off and then get my foamsquares and any kind of foam squares workfor this project? I like these ones, they’re froma brand, called Dot & Dab and they look like this.I like these ones, because they’re reallysmall, so they fit into most places. But if your foam pads are big, then just use apair of scissors to cut them smaller, so thatyou can fit them into these places and Ijust stuck that one in the wrong place.

So what you’re supposed to be doing, islining the triangles up with the bottomof, the yellow triangle, so that you thenget a line of yellow along the top to looklike the string on the bunting. Do the sameon these ones Just one on the foam squareon, each of them peel the topsoff, This one’s being stubborn And then line up those bottoms and number two Alright, so there’s those little teeny tinypieces done before we start anything else. Otherwise. I know I was gon na lose them.

So the next bit we’ve got isgoing to create the outlinearound, the main background and I’m going tofoam square this one too Getting all tangled.Let’s turn it upside down and add some foamto, the back When you’re, adding foam squaresto the backs of pieces of card for layereddesigns as Well, as going around the edgelike I’m doing now, you also want to make surethat you put some foam squares in the middle, especially with bigger bits of card that aregoing to have lots of layers on top of them and that’s to create a nicestable level for it To sit on.If, you didn’t put any pieces in the middle thenyou’ll find that the cardstock will dome downeither under its own weight or under the weightof, the layers that are going to stick on top of itand. We don’t want that to happen.

We want it to be nice and flat, so definitely take the time to putthose bits of foam in the middle. Now I’m going to peel the tops off of all ofthese to release that stickiness underneath.Now. I can bring my base piece back and then I’mgoing to stick. This on top, so I’m going to lineit up with these balloons over here and to startwith. You want to just gently: get it into positionand, then slowly drop it down and don’tput any pressure on it. Just let it falland the reason we’re doing that is. It means thisis, just so gently placed on that. If we had madea mistake – and it wasn’t quite lined up right – you could pick it up and take it off withoutdamaging anything and then give it another try.Actually, I’m pretty happy with how that’s lookingso, I’m just going to push down on all of thosefoam squares and get A really good stick.The next layer is this one here and you could usefoam or glue for this one but because there’sonly a thin layer of colour around the edge I’mgoing to use glue. Because I worry that, if I putfoam on it, then the level of shadowing you’regonna get between the two layers with the depth is gon na cover up too much of that yellow andmake. It look a bit darker than I want it to

So I’m gon na use glue to eliminatethat shadowing for this layer. The glue Im using is called Collall. I reallylike it because it doesn’t bend or wrinkle thecardstock, like other glues, can do I buythis in the UK, but in the USA, two greatglue brands to use are art, glitter glue, andbearly art glue and I like to put it in thesetiny needle tip applicator bottles, which Ibuy on Amazon – and these are amazing, becausethey’re so narrow that you can get theglue in all of the little spaces.SoI’m gon na – be able to glue these little streamerson. The balloons really really easily withoutany mess.

You can see, look it just glidesstraight through and it works perfectly All the way around. Here I just had a littlepanic, then did you notice? I thought I hadn’tturned it upside down and I was putting glue onthe wrong side, but actually I think I’m okay.I have done that so many times, though

There’S my main design and then I canput this. On top and again, I’m going to line upthe balloons as my guide and then that sits onthere and you just get that extra level of colourwith, the darker yellow to add a bit of detail. Alright, next we’re going to do theballoons, so I’ll go left to rightand. We’Ve got these two to start with and we’regonna go with the solid layers first, and if I canpick it up, these ones are gon na be foamed on sojust checking. I’Ve got them the right way. Aroundand then I’ll. Add some foam.Now you’re notgoing to be able to get any foam in the littleribbons on these balloons they’re just too narrowand. In fact, they’ve actually got a little bittangled There we go so don’t worry about. That.It will still work out really well and actuallyit looks quite nice, with the little dangly ribbonbits falling down a bit onto the layer below

It just looks a little bit more realistic.So, I’m gon na place that one on there and then thenext layer is the pink border. And if you don’twant to add these border layers, you don’t need to they’re just to give it that extra bit of detailbut. If they’re a little bit fiddlywith all of those thin edgesthen, you can leave them. Outand just have the solid ones.There. Is that one and I like how the ribbons don’tquite line up right just becausethey’ve got no adhesive on them.It just makes it look like there’s more ribbonsand. More colours – and it looks very pretty Okay. Next, we have the solid purpleand. This is another foam layerso with all of this foam. Those balloons are justgonna pop right off.

Hey this one’s gon na goover there, The outline to be glued on there. Andthis is really narrow in part of that streamer sobe, careful that you don’t accidentally tear itoff. Gon na line that up – and you don’t want to pushdown too hard with these outline layers. Becauseyou. Don’T want the glue to smush itself out Alright, I’m going to go for the top balloons. Nextand we’ve got three colours this time So we’llstart again with the bottom, which is the biggestsections, and this has got a solid one. There whichI’m going to

I could glue it and then all thetop balloons will end up at the same heightor. I could foam it and then these balloonswill be taller than everything else.Just. Having a think. I think I’m going to glueit, but you could do either and when I make theassembly guide. Pdf, which will be included, inyour, download, folder I’ll, make sure to put that.That. One is optional. If you want to glue itor foam it, but the outline layer to go ontop, You definitely do want to glue justbecause. It’S got this really thin border.

There we are, and then next is thepink and now we’ll get the foam back.The nice thing about these pieces. Is they arequite small? So they don’t need many foam pads, and this is a great design to use up your scrapsof cardstock, because you can just use little bitsof the colours when you’re cutting itout to get all of these balloon shapes The outline of the pink next There and then my Yellow balloon and then I’m just going to check this isthe right way around, because I just kindof flicked it with my finger.I didn’twant to put the glue on the wrong side, although it is actually pretty symmetrical. So I probably would have been okay, but it’s always better to check before youput the glue on, rather than regret it later.

Okay, there’s that and Im actually glad Iglued that bottom layer, because I like thatit’s, all kind of worked out the same heightin the end and then just these two left There, and then we have the borders just like allthose other balloons. This will be a glue layer. One balloon left, which is this red one, And if you were making this to go on a greetingscard, and you didn’t want it to be so thick, you could either use thinner. Foam squares. Soyou can get ones which are just one millimetrethick, which give a little bit of depth withoutmaking it too thick to go in a normal envelope, ora normal postage stamp or you could leave out thefoam entirely and just glue. Everything and you’llstill get all the prettiness of all the coloursbut. You won’t have to pay extra for your postage.

The only thing we’ve got leftto do now is the Happy Birthdayand Im gon na align all of these piecesup before I start sticking anythingbecause. Otherwise you run into thechance that you start sticking it toofar over and then you can’t fit the rest ofthe word on. We do not want that to happen, So, okay, I’m happy with that and thenyou can choose if you want to glue orfoam square, these letters.I’m gon na foam themso, let’s put some on the back of this happyand. This is another part where you need tobe careful with your foam squares becauseif. Any of your foam goes over the edgesof these letters or if it goes in any ofthe middles of the ps or the a you’ll beable, to see the foam when you turn it overand. We don’t want that. We don’t want to be ableto, see the white of the foam from the other side. Let’S bring this in and then carefully lie. Itdown and again, I’m just doing this really gentlyand Ive moved that being the eye by mistake.

You can kind of follow the curve of the yellowbit underneath to know where to stick itso, there’s that one and now for Birthday.I am going to foam this as well.I might need to cut my foam pads. Smaller though.I think I do so just with a pair of scissors just go down, there cut themin half.They cut pretty easilyand. Now these are going to bereally, really small and hard to use.

But as it is small, as in the letters are smallyou, don’t need very many ofthem, so at least that’s a bonus. This might take me a little while. So that is my Happy Birthday, layered designall finished and it’s then ready to go on agreetings card or to be put straight up. Onthe wall or in a shadow box, or this wouldalso be really nice used as a cake topper.So. You could stick it on a wooden skewer, possibly two wooden skewers becauseit is quite big and then just stickit in the top of a cake for that reallynice kind of extra special finish to it. I hope you enjoyed this video on how to make alayered Happy Birthday design with your Cricutmachine

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