12 Dollar Tree Cricut Project Ideas You Can Gift and Sell + Free Designs For All!

Hello, everyone Jennifer Maker here It’s a beautiful day to make some quick inexpensive projects. If you love the Dollar Tree and Cricut as much as I do, today’s video is just for you. So today, I’m going to share my ideas for Dollar Tree crafts and recommend which materials to use for the best results. I’Ll also show you how to make three of my favorite ones.

You can see a bunch of them right here, They’re super simple to make, but so satisfying So come with me and we will get started. ( bright, music ). The Dollar Tree is such a great place to get crafting ideas.Dollar Tree projects, make for nearly instant crafting satisfaction and last minute gifts when you use the simple materials tools and steps that I’m about to share with you,

Now I’ve picked out 12 of my favorite Dollar Tree items that are just perfect for Cricut projects. I like to call them blanks, because they’re blank of design right now perfect for us to decorate Links to every Dollar Tree. Blank that I use in this video are right below this video. So there’s no guessing at what I used Now to decorate these blanks I’ll be using cardstock adhesive vinyl iron-on vinyl lots of different fun things.

You can use the same colors as the examples I’m about to show you or experiment to fit your style. I also use chalk paint in several colors, which is such a fun way to personalize. These simple items.This paint goes on really easily with a foam brush so easily you’ll want to paint everything a new color ( laughing ). So I made these projects with my amazing Cricut Maker cutting machine, but you can also use an original Maker or a machine from the Explorer series And several of the designs that I’m about to share with. You are even small enough to cut with a Cricut Joy, too.

Just make sure your blade is clean, your machine mat is sticky and your transfer tape is ready. I also have free designs for all of these to share with you. I’Ve made these designs really simple but easily customizable, so that you can make just what you want Now. It would take quite a while to show you every step that I made in these projects.Instead I’m going to teach you how to make three of my favorite projects that will teach you the techniques to complete the rest.

So you’re going to be able to do everything, But first the haul. Everyone loves a good Dollar Tree haul right. They always get me ready to craft. So I’m going to go over, which blanks I found the most exciting at my local Dollar Tree and the materials that I used on each one. The best part is that most of these blanks and materials can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content.

So have a pen and paper ready to take notes for your shopping list and your own ideas, but don’t go shopping yet Stay tuned until the end for the step-by-step instructions for my favorite projects, ( stars, twinkling, ), (, air whooshing, ) First, is this super simple Glass vase, You may recognize it from my color glass etching or my cardinal-based tutorials.I, just really love how easy this vase is to work with

Dollar Tree has had this vase in stock for ages, So I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon And why would it It is so flexible and functional, so many craft projects to do with this. So for this project I created a swirly tree design with hearts.

You can customize the colors to fit a holiday or make them monochromatic for a very modern style. I think it would look great with some holographic accents too, And this would make an extra special gift if you made some cardstock flowers to fill it with. Just imagine it would be so pretty If you make a project with a vase, remember to first wash it well with hot soapy water.

I recommend Dawn soap. It works great, Also clean the surface with a lint-free cloth and rubbing alcohol will really help your vinyl stick. Easily.I can’t wait to see what you come up with for this vase For tips on applying designs to curved surfaces like this check out. My tutorial on decorating curved surfaces at jennifermaker.com/vinyl-on-mugs-cute-designs

( stars twinkling ), ( air whooshing ) Next up is this cute hanging wooden plaque. It comes unfinished, so I painted it for a nice base And then I added my “ Home is Where the Heart is” compass, design using layered adhesive vinyl. You can easily customize this one by painting a different color or using different shades of vinyl. If you want to add a different design to the plaque, just be sure to measure the blank to adjust the decal’s dimensions.

Most Dollar Trees seem to have these wooden plaques in stock consistently, which is great since it’s so versatile.If you order online they’ll. Send you an assortment of shapes, So you might get this stretched arabesque shape an arrow, an oval or the one that looks like an antique street sign but they’re going to pick them for you. Now. I have a few tips for these plaques, So removing the hanging cord you can see the hanging cord right here makes this so much easier to paint.

Just remember to tie it back on afterward or you can replace it with a pretty ribbon. So for this version I use FolkArt chalk paint in Adirondack and a foam brush to get a smooth coat.Depending on the color. You might need two coats And of course make sure the paint is totally dry before applying your vinyl. So you don’t peel any color off If it’s really humid, where you are give it some time.

If you do peel a bit just cut out another small vinyl design and cover up the little imperfection, If you need help with layering vinyl, I have some great tips in my layering vinyl tutorial, which you can find online at jennifermaker.com/how-to-layer-vinyl-on-cricut, ( stars, twinkling, ), (, air Whooshing ) The Dollar Tree always has these nice chargers in stock and in so many different colors. So chargers are supposed to go under your dinner plate at fancy. Events like a wedding or whatever to protect your tablecloth and table

But I think they make great everyday decorations. Once you add a design, I mean really they’re so cool. I love this one. It’S got like a wood grain on it.So for this one I added my “ Crafting is Therapy” design in white adhesive vinyl to the faux gray wood-textured charger, And I really love the finished. Look If your charger has a textured surface like this spend some extra time. Burnishing the vinyl to really help that design transfer

If you want to use a different design, you totally can The chargers are 13 inches in diameter, but the center space can vary So give that a quick measure too to be sure A nice monogram design would look beautiful on one of these. You can be extra fancy and add designs to the outer edge as well.

You could probably use a wreath SVG as well. It would also it’s also a great opportunity to practice curving your text in Design Space to display the charger you can lean it on a shelf or glue a loop of fishing line to the back and hang it on a small hook.Or. You can use a pretty ribbon if you want to have it visible along the edge. These are super light, so it doesn’t have to be very strong.

I can picture a group of these chargers in complementary colors hanging on a wall like those hat collection displays that some people have. I think that will look super super cool, ( stars, twinkling, ), (, air, whooshing, ), So Dollar Tree Cricut items can also be super. Functional like these 16-ounce glass, canning jars, I made mine into adorable painted vases, And this is one of the projects that I’m going to demonstrate for you.

So stay tuned for all of the details. Now you can change this project to fit your style in a lot of different ways. You can change the paint color You can use. Patterned vinyl Just keep playing with it until you get the look that you’re going for

These canning jars are so easy and fun to work with They’re similar to the ones from my Mason jar wall decor. So you could use that for inspiration too. So remember that, since this is a glass blank, you’ll want to clean it well with hot soapy water and wipe it with a lint-free cloth to help your vinyl or your paint stick better. And if you order the jars online, they will come with a mix of gold and silver lids.

So if you have a preference, you’ll want to try to buy them in person. ( stars, twinkling, ), (, air whooshing ). So many of you may have noticed that Dollar Tree has added a lot of craft. Supplies.They must have seen us all shopping in the aisles. More often, I’ve tried a lot of their craft products and their canvas boards are some of my favorite blanks for Cricut projects, They’re, not quite the best quality sure for painting like a masterpiece, but they fit the bill for displaying a favorite quote or an image in Vinyl right

So for this project I painted the 8” x 10” canvas a shade of yellow. That always makes me feel happy. This is FolkArt paint in Summer, Porch applied with a foam, brush.I applied two coats and let the paint dry. While I was cutting my design in adhesive vinyl And I love how the layered version of my hand-lettered “ Everyday” design came out, Isn’t that really pretty

Creating the white layer might look intimidating, but thanks to the Offset tool in Cricut Design Space, it’s actually really easy. I cover the best way to use Offset in my layered vinyl tutorial, which you can find at jennifermaker.com/how-to-layer-vinyl-on-cricut. That tutorial will also help you transfer the layers with perfect alignment Now getting the vinyl to stick to the canvas can take some extra burnishing time so stick with it.

The result will be worth the effort, trust me. So if you want to add a different design to your painted canvas board, just remember to make your design smaller than the 8” x 10” of your canvas.Dollar Tree has a lot of different canvases available, So check your local store for more options. ( stars twinkling ), (, air whooshing ). We all know I love mugs, because mugs can hold coffee, ( laughing ) and since I’m, a big coffee fan, I’m always on the lookout for a good mug.

And I like these 12-ounce Dollar Tree ones, The shapes and colors might be different in your store, but I love all the options that they offer. I like the plain mugs, but I really love putting sticky vinyl on this one with the nice stripes. Isn’T this cool They’re like built-in guidelines for getting your decal straight So they’re great for beginners

Remember to clean your mug, so it’s easier to get the vinyl to stick. Some of the mugs are dishwasher and microwave-safe others aren’t. You can always tell by the label on the bottom, So there’s a label right here at the bottom right, So you can always check that.

But I recommend hand-washing and not getting them too hot once the vinyl is on.Another tip for decorating these mugs or glasses from Dollar Tree is that you don’t always have to use permanent vinyl. I’Ve used removable, vinyl to decorate mugs for parties and it’s a fun easy way to keep people’s drinks straight, And it looks super cool Once you’re done with the event, you can just peel off the removable vinyl really easily

If a bit of the adhesive doesn’t want to come off, hot water and dish, soap should do the trick. ( stars, twinkling, ), (, air, whooshing, ), So often Dollar Tree. Has these adorable stuffed plush animals? The options definitely vary store to store, but my design tutorial will work for whichever one you pick. I share how to apply. Iron-On vinyl like this to the bear’s sweater in this tutorial, but there are so many different ways to decorate these blanks. Once you have the technique down, You can add a name, a birthdate, an anniversary or pretty much anything else to a stuffed animal with your Cricut

These make great birthday presents Valentine, mementos or a nice addition to a gift. Basket.Their sweaters are about two inches square like on this bear, which is a perfect size for a small design. Like this one, I added my “. You Are Loved” design to this, bear as a huggable reminder for anyone who needs it. If you order these plushes online, you will get things like a giraffe, a bear, a sloth and a unicorn ( laughing ). Those are not the most common animals to see in plush form, making them even more fun to gift

( stars twinkling ), ( air whooshing ), So these plastic bins are one of my favorite recent Dollar Tree finds They can hold ice and canned drinks towels for a pool party. Gardening supplies pretty much anything that you can think of. They have handles and they’re relatively sturdy, Just don’t put too many heavy things in them right. They are just plastic.

Now I’m going to use my bin for storing some gardening supplies, So I added this “ Flowers and Garden” design using adhesive vinyl. It’S so easy to do. The ridges along the bin are really helpful for placing your design, nice and straight so use them. These bins would be perfect for summer parties since they’re light and they come in so many different colors. You could get a bunch that fit your party’s decor and add decals to match.

Like if you’re having a graduation party, you could add: oh “, Congratulations: Grad ,” in a nice trendy font, ( laughing ) for a super fast and inexpensive decor option. Again there are so many possibilities with these bins. Now I also experimented with painting these bins. I tried some of those pretty metal spray paints because I guess some of you would be just as curious as I was as to how it might turn out.Unfortunately. It was tough to get an even coat

And when I tried to apply a decal, the transfer tape lifted the paint off. So I don’t suggest painting these ( stars, twinkling, ), (, air whooshing ), So depending on the season Dollar Tree, has some excellent planters and gardening supplies It’s spring right now. So we have plenty of these One of my favorite finds. Are these plastic planters, which are nice on their own, but really grew on me once I added vinyl for decorations, as you can see here,

I added several abstract flowers to my planters, but you can also add your plant’s type in a pretty font. Wouldn’T that look really cool These planters are about six inches tall and have an attached saucer for drainage, making them good for indoor use. If you don’t have a very green thumb, the planters can also hold a silk flower arrangement or other decorative items. Another way to personalize this project is to cut your designs in removable, vinyl

That way, you can change your decor with the seasons or to match your plant Sounds like fun right. I also tried painting these plastic planters and had the same results as the bins sadly.So. I recommend you just stick to decals for these plastic planters: ( stars, twinkling, ), (, air whooshing ), Another excellent garden-related blank that I found is this adorable terracotta pot, two-pack

The pots are about 3 1/2” tall in diameter, making them perfect to grow an herb plant or store some office supplies, whichever you prefer. I painted one using chalk paint and then I added this cute face in adhesive vinyl: Isn’t it adorable? These could hold small herbs? Cacti or anything or any other plant that doesn’t need a lot of space’cause they’re. Pretty small.You could also use one as a pen holder,

They’Re, certainly not just for gardening. Now remember: terracotta is breakable, so you don’t want to drop these blanks. Also they’re made clay which can soak up moisture, So you might need to add a second layer of paint, depending on the look that you’re going for They’re. So cute, you really can’t go wrong with these, though I love them.

( stars twinkling, ), (, air whooshing ), So recently, Dollar Tree has had some really nice plastic decor items that make perfect terrariums.And. Don’T worry, you don’t need to keep a plant or even an air plant alive I’ll show you an easier way to add botanical accents to your project. In this tutorial I found both a globe terrarium and a light. Bulb-Shaped version online, And I love both of them.

They look perfect with a few decorative rocks and some of my cardstock flowers or succulents inside You can add your own succulent flower or another paper object to the terrarium, just make sure it’s smaller than three inches, so you can fit it through the opening. Now a quick note on the succulent designs: They came with a little rectangle piece which we won’t use this tutorial, but it has a special use If you want to attach a succulent to some craft foam. The original tutorial demonstrates how to add wire to the base.

The little rectangle helps keep the wire in place too, And this would actually be a super cute way to combine the succulents and the terracotta pots. And, of course, you can see I’ve added fairy lights to this, one which you can just turn on and off like this. Aren’T those adorable ( stars, twinkling ), (, air, whooshing ) And finally, I found this highly functional and just as cute wooden tray at my store.

You can decorate a tray to collect items, serve solo, snacks or hang on the wall as a decoration. It’S totally up to you. The tray is just 7 1/2” wide x, 6” tall, but a small design fits perfectly right in this flat part. So that’s a dozen Dollar Tree blanks And I bet you can think of a dozen different ways to use each one, but don’t get overwhelmed.

Let me show you three projects that will prepare you to try. Lots of your ideas.The projects are simple, but I’ll teach you every step, so you can customize them to fit your home perfectly. Let’S get started Step one select and prepare your projects First. Think about what you want to make

12 Dollar Tree Cricut Project Ideas You Can Gift and Sell + Free Designs For All!

Look over your Dollar Tree items, materials and the design examples and pick some that you’re really excited to try Now make sure that your blanks are in good shape and clean them off if needed. Prepping now will save you time later, I’m going to demonstrate a mix of glass, plastic and plush items today, but here’s how I prep all of these different blanks For glass items I wash in warm soapy water and dry them with a lint-free towel.

I use the same method for plastic, ceramic and terracotta items By the way. An awesome lint-free towel is a simple coffee filter. You could also use a lint-free cloth to dust off the canvas board. Now some of the plushes have dust or loose fibers on them, but a few swipes with a lint roller has them ready to go.If. You want to paint any of your blanks. Do it now, so they can dry. While you cut the designs,

Be sure to protect your work area with butcher paper or some scrap paper and put on some gloves to keep your hands clean And now the real fun part. Let’S look at my design collection Step. Two get my free designs. You can find all of these designs totally free on my blog

Go to jennifermaker.com/383 and look for Libraries, the red bar at the top And then either click Get a Password if you don’t yet have one or click Enter the Library Search. The page for Design Number 383 Click the link to download a zip file with SVG files for cutting on a Cricut or another cutting machine, DXF files and principal PDFs for cutting by hand.

I want to show you how to cut these designs on a Cricut cutting machine. First, upload the SVG cut file to Cricut Design Space If you’re unsure how to do this, go to jennifermaker.com/svgs to learn how to unzip and upload SVGs.You can zoom out to see all the designs by clicking on the minus sign on the lower left.

This is what my Dollar Tree designs look like on my Cricut Design, Space Canvas. There are lots of options, but I’m going to show you how to use three designs today. The “ You Are Loved” quote the white flower and the red succulent at the bottom left I’ll. Show you how to adjust these designs And then you’ll be ready to customize. The others too

But let’s clear away the other designs, so we can focus, Make sure the design is selected and then click UnGroup above the Layers panel Click and drag the designs that you want to make to the side so they’re. Out of the way, Now click and drag a bounding box around the rest of the designs on your Canvas and then press the Delete key on your keyboard. You could also use the Delete icon at the top of the Layers panel.

If you’re making the same projects as me, your Canvas should look like this Step. Three prepare the designs for cutting. Let’S go over the plan for each of these designs. That way, we can figure out any changes we need to make to them. I think this little flower would be perfect as layered vinyl decorations on my painted jars.

I might have to make it smaller to fit, though I want to put this “. You Are Loved” design on a plush, So we’ll use iron-on vinyl, probably in a different color, And the cardstock succulent will look great in my globe terrarium, just as it is So. It looks like we need to check the sizes of some blanks adjust designs to fit them and make lots of copies of the flower.

That sounds like a lot, but Design Space has all the tools to help us. Let’S start with the design for our plush In the Layers. Panel click the other designs’ eye. Icons to hide them like this.I want to make sure it will fit on my bear’s sweater. So let’s measure that first using a fabric tape measure

The usable space on the sweater is about two inches. If I click the design layer, I can see that it’s currently about four-inches wide and just over an inch tall that won’t work, ( chuckles ). We need to get the width under two inches, So let me show you how First make sure the lock icon above Size in the top menu is closed.

That way, the design’s proportions will stay the same as we resize it With the design still selected, drag the bounding, box’s resize icon right here. Until the width is under two inches.Or, you can just type two into the Width box under Size in the top menu like this There. Now the design will fit on the bear’s sweater. Now your blanks may be slightly different sizes than mine, or you may want to use a different design and a different item. That’S totally fine!

Just use these steps to measure the blank and adjust the design If you need help resizing an SVG in Cricut Design, Space check out my resizing guide, where I explain exactly what you need to do to resize any design to fit your needs. The guide is available at jennifermaker.com/resize-svg, While we’re on this design. I don’t think it will look nice in black on the plush’s tan sweater.

I want to see how it will look in red. Luckily, changing a layer’s color is easy, Select the layer you want to change on the Canvas or in the Layers panel I’ll click, the phrase and then click the color box. Next to Basic Cut in the top menu Click. The color you want in the popup window,

I’M going to choose red Now you can preview what the final design will look. Like.I love this feature Now onto our little layered flower Use the eye icons on the side to hide the plush, decal and unhide the flower

One of the easiest ways to create a simple pattern is to use multiples of a small design, I’m picturing lots of small flowers in an allover pattern on my teal jars. So that means we need to make lots of tiny flower petals and center layers. Let’S change the size first, Just like we did with the phrase click on the flower design to see how big it is.

It’S about one-inch square right now, Since my canning jars are only a few inches tall. I couldn’t fit many flowers at that size. Half an inch square sounds like a better size for the dainty. Look that I’m going for.Make sure both layers are selected and the lock icon is closed And then type 0

5 into the Width field to resize the flower perfect. Now to make this one flower into many, I’m not going to measure my jars and plan out the design perfectly, but I don’t want to be short on decals either. So I’m going to estimate that each jar will look nice with about 15 of these flowers. That means I need 30 in all, since I have two That’s a lot of flowers but I’ll just save any extras for another project.

There are two ways to make multiple copies of one design element. The first way is my favorite, but it only works when you’re cutting one design With one copy of the design on your Canvas, continue to the Prepare screen by clicking Make It In the Project Copies field at the top left enter the number of copies you want, And click Apply, The screen will reload with all of your duplicates, ready to cut easy-peasy

The second way to make a bunch of copies is on the Canvas It takes longer, but this works if you’re cutting several projects at once, like I am Select the flower design making sure both layers are highlighted in the Layers panel, Then click Duplicate Now, there’s two Flowers,

Click Duplicate until you have the quantity you want. This might take Cricut Design Space some time so just be patient, Drag a bounding box to select all of the pieces and group them Again use the eye icons to hide the flowers and unhide the succulent. The third design element we will use is the red succulent

I’Ve already sized it to make a three-inch plant which is perfect for the globe terrarium. The design is from my DIY succulent tutorial, which has lots of other plants too. You can find that tutorial at jennifermaker.com/diy-paper-succulents. If you use a different succulent design or another cardstock item, make sure it will fit through the three-inch opening on the front of the terrarium

You can use all of these tips to change the size, color and quantity of any of the other designs in this collection too, And now you’re ready to cut Make sure you have all the elements you want to cut back on the Canvas by clicking on the Eye icons, so everything is showing that you want to cut Check to make sure the correct machine is selected and click Make It in the top menu Step. Four cut your designs:

If you’re using a Maker, 3 Explore 3 or a Joy, you might be asked if you’ll be cutting your designs without a mat with a mat or multiple ways, Just a reminder that only Cricut Smart Materials can be cut without a mat. I will be using a mat with my Maker 3, So I select On Mat and click Continue. If you are making any of the designs with iron-on vinyl, it is important that you toggle Mirror On

Permanent vinyl does not need to be mirrored. However, I am making my “. You Are Loved” design with iron-on vinyl, So I will toggle that to Mirror On.Once your designs are prepared. Click Continue on the bottom right And now it’s time to select your material

First, I’m going to cut the “. You Are Loved” design in Everyday Iron-On Vinyl Find your material and select More in Pressure. If you don’t see your material as an option on the screen, click Browse All Materials to search for it Make sure your Cricut Fine-point Blade is clean and in Clamp B, as indicated on, the screen, Now put your iron-on vinyl shiny side down on your Cricut machine. Mat making sure it covers the design area visible on your screen.

To see your design placement larger click Edit below the mat thumbnail and Done when you’re ready Use a brayer to get the vinyl as smooth as possible on your mat.Now load. The machine mat into your machine and press the flashing button to begin cutting When the cut is complete. Unload the mat Flip your design over and gently peel the mat away from your vinyl

Repeat these steps for the other designs, changing your material settings pressure and mat application to fit each layer For the flower mats. I use Premium Vinyl Permanent Glossy with More Pressure, placing the vinyl shiny side up on the mat For the succulent. I set the material to Medium Cardstock with More Pressure, Step five assemble and apply your designs Now to put our projects together.

Let’S start with our canning jars Cut the excess vinyl away from your designs, With your weeding tool, remove the excess vinyl from the petals, and the center heart pieces Now cut a piece of transfer tape slightly larger than one of your vinyl flowers Align the transfer tape Over the heart, so that it is in this center of the transfer tape,

Press the transfer tape down and gently peel away the vinyl’s backing.If you’re, having trouble getting just one heart at a time. Here’S a tip: try cutting the hearts apart. First, With the heart on the transfer tape center, it over a white flower burnish, the transfer tape to the vinyl, with your scraper tool and gently peel away, the flower’s backing Place, the layered vinyl onto the canning jar Burnish, the vinyl to the glass and gently pull Away the transfer tape

If you use the scraper, be careful not to chip, your paint Once you’re happy with the pattern finish the jars off with some silk flowers or paper flowers for a beautiful piece of a home decor. Next, let’s decorate our plush bear, Trim the cut design from the larger sheet and use your weeding tool to remove the excess iron-on vinyl, Don’t forget to get the little bits inside the letters.

Don’T forget to use your lint roller to remove any stray fluff or dust on the plush.And. Look for stray threads too. I’M going to use a Cricut EasyPress Mini, but you can use a home iron. Just be careful if you do Use the Cricut Heat Press Guide, to check the recommended settings for your materials and press, You can find the Heat Guide at jennifermaker.

Com/Easypress For my chosen materials, I’ll put the plush on my EasyPress Mat or towel and set the Cricut EasyPress Mini to medium heat, I’ll press, the design with light pressure and constant movement for about 25 seconds, Then I’ll. Let it cool before gently removing the carrier sheet. Since the area that we’re applying the iron-on vinyl to is so small, it may be helpful to use the Cricut Heat Resistant Tape to hold the design in place. While you press it,

How cute is that The customizable possibilities are endless with these adorable stuffed animals.Finally, let’s decorate this trendy globe, terrarium with a cardstock succulent and some pebbles. The finished product looks like something from a fancy garden store, but it never needs water For this project. We don’t need a little rectangle

So you can set that aside. First use your scraper tool to shape the leaves upward, Add hot glue to the center of the largest piece and stack each layer, from largest to smallest, Make sure to stagger each layer. As you add it to the top Continue until you have glued all of the pieces together,

It is now ready for your terrarium Before placing the succulent in the terrarium put a small handful of pebbles in the base That will help keep the succulent from sliding around And there we go. Isn’T it just so pretty If you want to use another one of my succulent designs, the directions are all available in the original tutorial which you can find at jennifermaker.

Com/Diy-Paper-Succulents.There are all kinds of cute objects that you can put inside these terrariums A rolled paper. Flower would be beautiful or even several small succulents Just make sure. The item will fit through the three-inch opening So fun and easy right.

Look at all of these amazing creations that we made, And the best part, is that they’re super inexpensive, but no one will ever know Seriously. They look so cool And just think now that you know all of the techniques you can use what you learned to apply permanent or iron-on vinyl to so many different blanks from Dollar Tree, and you have some fun ideas for cardstock items to add to them. For a finishing touch.So now, if you have any questions at all about making any of these awesome, quick and easy Dollar Tree Cricut projects that I didn’t answer in this video or anything else, craft-related at all that I might be able to help you with please. Let me know:

Leave your question below this video or ask over in our awesome Cricut crafters group at jennifermaker.com/cricutcrafters. I love to help and love to see you succeed And I love all of your photos too, And that’s it for today.

Until next time this is Jennifer Maker, reminding you to craft a life, you love (, bright, music, ), I’m a ball of excitement in the center and then I’m … ( laughing ) [ Cameraman ]. There you go! That’S how you do it!


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