Hi everyone welcome back to another tutorial, byshayna’s home diy and crafts in today’s videoi’m, going to be showing you how to press or printa birthday t-shirt. So here i go. I have my t-shirtsent out on my table, i’m using my qriket easypress to get all the moisture. I can get out ofthe shirt because moisture is not friends with htvor any type of printed on your t-shirt. You wantto get the moisture out.

So that’s all i’m doinggetting the moisture out once i’m done, gettingthe moisture out of the shirt i’m just going togo ahead and straighten my shirt out once i getit all straightened out, i’m going to be using myt-shirt ruler. Yes guys! I have this t-shirt. Ruleri have it in the adult size, the pediatric, sizeuh or toddler, or you whatever. They call it yeahhaving a kid size.

Just say that so here we go: putmy um, um ruler on my t-shirt, ruler and here goesmy print. So the htv is the um heat transfer. Vinylso, that’s what it stands for heat transfer, vinyland! Here i go. I have my image already cut out.

Andweed out. I did not show that part of the tutorialbecause people are going to get bored and skipnow. If you would like to see how i created thesepieces, then you can go ahead and type a commentin. The comment section i’ll see if i can have avideo on that with you guys so we’re using twodifferent color htv vinyl we’re using a whitehdv vinyl and we are using our gold htv vinylokay. So all i’m doing here, i’m just trying tomake sure everything lines up nicely on theshirt and make sure it looks nice and once iget it lined up and everything how i want it.

Tobe and the measurement on both sides correctlyis, correct sorry and it’s center. I’M just goingto go ahead and i’m going to move my ruler ilike to measure you don’t have to measure theside again guys, but i’m obsessed with measuringso, i’m just measuring to make sure that bothsides has this equal arm measurement. So theni’m going to use my heat press qriket easypress, sorry at 350 degree for 15 seconds i’mjust going to hold some pressure, medium pressureover, the htv vinyl, as i apply that to the shirtnow, just in case you’re, a beginner and youcome up on this video. Yes, you can press overthe carrier sheet without burning your vinylbut. Let’S say you’re doing layering that we’regoing to have another beautiful, layering thenyou want to make sure you put a coughlin sheetover your image, because you will definitely burnyour vinyl, but because we’re not doing layeringwe’re just doing that.

Two different color and wejust um press right over it. Here goes the top andsheet. Do you guys notice how i use the top linesheet to do a final press? Now you don’t have todo the step, i’m obsessed with making sure thatmy image stick to my shirt, because i don’t wantanybody reach back out to me and say: oh it didn’tstay on because heat is really the um, the trueway of how this um vinyl attached to your Shirtit’S hollow with pressure and heat, if you don’tif, you didn’t follow the instruction or you don’tput enough heat on it. Heat is good and it’s badbecause too much heat will burn your vinyl and twoless sleep.

Two less sleep, two less heat will notlet your um image. Stick to your shirt, properlylook like it’s stick to the shirt, but after thefirst, two wash or so it’ll start coming up. Sohere we go we’re making. I made a beauty, shirt. Sohere we go.

This is just a second one. You know i’mjust showing another one of how i make it and it’sjust the same thing. I am repeating over and overso yeah. This is a quick short tutorial of how tomake um a quick. It’S easy, easy piece: lemon squeezyso, the hardest part is really to figure out how tocreate your font and to weed it out, but htv is notas hard to weed out as it is to read out permanentvinyl.

So it’s you know it’s! It’S really easy! Sowhy! Don’T you just go ahead and give it a try ifyou’re watching this coming up? If you come acrossthis video and trying to learn it for the firsttime yeah, i mean it’s not that bad just watch afew more videos by explaining it correctly and i’mpretty sure.

This is not the part that you probablywant to see because when i first started this imean, we all want to see this part, but we want tofigure. How do we make? The writing looks like that yeah. If you’re interested in seeing more videoslike these go ahead and type me a comment in thecomment section. Let me know what you want to learnand any question.

I do get back as soon as i can tomy comment. When i can. I try my very best but yeahit’s, not that bad. So if it’s your first time, herei want to say thank you for stopping by, i hope, youenjoy what you see here today and if you make itthis far throughout this video. Well, why not justbecome a part of the shayna’s home, diy and craftfamily?

If it’s not your first time, hereas always say, thank you guys, so so muchfor, your continuous love and support. I couldn’thave done it or been this far without you guysokay. I appreciate you guys to themoon and back i love you all. Okay, if you enjoyed this video, please go ahead. Andgive it a big thumbs up hit that subscribe, buttonclick.

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