7 Reasons to buy a Cricut

7 Great Reasons to Buy a Cricut Maker.

Today I will give you seven reasons why you should buy yourself a machine from the Cricut range. If you are on the fence, hopefully, some of these reasons may help you make your decision.  

1. Crafting is great for helping you relax. Many of us have hectic lives, working long hours in our day job. When we get home, we sometimes are even busier with making sure our homes are clean and tidy, washing, ironing, and cooking to name but a few things. Would it not be nice to have a little corner to yourself where you could go to for an hour and do something you enjoy?

2. One of the biggest reasons people buy a Cricut machine is to make personalized gifts. Imagine the stores have closed and you suddenly remember it’s a work colleagues’ birthday tomorrow and you were in charge of buying the card. Easy, make one. One of the advantages of a Cricut is how easy it is to use. It switches on immediately, and you can have a lovely design cutting within minutes.

3. Do you love sewing but hate cutting out the patterns? Let your Cricut do it for you. This is especially helpful if you have repetitive patterns or a large quantity of the same design. As Cricut is cutting them for you, you can be sewing.

Cricut Maker cutting fabric.
Cricut Maker cutting fabric.

4. The machine is so simple to use. You can take it from the box and be making the test project within 15 minutes. With the fact that the Cricut machine has been around for many years, there are a large amount of forums, Facebook groups and YouTube videos out there to help you. There are also masses of free files for you to use as well. If you go to a site like http://crafty-crafter.club they have 100’s of free files and are always being updated daily.

5. The Cricut Maker is a very versatile machine with regards to what it can cut. We have already talked about fabric, but it can also cut leather, felt, thin chipboard, craft foam, and of course card, paper and vinyl, to name but a few. Dependant on what blade you put in the machine, you are able to cut around 100 different types of material. Imagine what you could make? The mind boggles!

6. As we have already said, you are able to make personalized gifts. One of the reasons people buy the machine is to make t-shirts. Along with a heat press making t-shirts is fun and easy. You can make tees for family and friends, or it could evolve into a home business. Imagine one of the kids needs a dress-up costume for school the next day.  Cricut to the rescue, make one.

7. And, finally. Just treat yourself! We all deserve some me time now and again. We all need something to look forward to. So why not?

So, there we go, seven great reasons to buy a Cricut or Cricut Maker. Some people will buy it for fun, where others will buy it to start a home business. I promise you whatever your reason for buying that you will enjoy it.

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