Free Cursive Fonts For Cricut

Cursive Fonts For Cricut

Free Cursive fonts for Cricut add a unique aesthetic to your designs and offer that handwritten feel. However, finding an attractive cursive font that’s also legible can be challenging.

We’ve collected the best free cursive fonts for Cricut to help bring your craft projects to life!

Hello Love

The best part of this handy little number is that you don’t even need a Cricut machine to use it! You can simply use any standard cutting blade.

This unique piece is sure to delight both your loved ones and colleagues. Not only is it fun, but you’ll be proud to show off its maker’s name too. This clever item can be hung on a wall or slung over your shoulder for easy display.

Free Cursive Fonts For Cricut – King Crayon

Cricut machines are tools used for arts and crafts projects that allow you to quickly cut a wide variety of materials. They simplify crafting tasks, enabling you to craft everything from custom t-shirts and stickers, to greeting cards and vinyl decals.

Cricut users often opt for fonts with unique scripts or handwriting styles. We’ve selected some of the cutest options to give your designs a personal touch and add an adorable, handwritten aesthetic.


Bubbles is the ideal font for a wide range of designs and projects. With its playful twist and smooth curves, this typeface will surely capture your audience’s attention.

Additionally, this font is ideal for kids’ design themes and quirky items. So whether you’re working on a gender reveal party, designing a children’s shirt, or finalizing a baby shower invitation – this font is an excellent option!

Free Cursive Fonts For Cricut – Priscillia

Priscillia is an adorable cursive font perfect for your next Cricut project. With plenty of personality, it could be used on T-shirts, invitations or many other designs!

If you wish to utilize this font for cutting, first add it to your System Fonts list. That way, it will appear in Cricut Design Space and any other programs associated with your Cricut machine.


Marigolds are one of the world’s most beloved flowers. Not only do they add vibrant color to your garden, but they’re incredibly easy to maintain too!

Marigolds are renowned for their medicinal benefits. Not only do they contain essential oils and flavonoids in abundance, but topical application of marigold solution or tincture can speed up wound healing when applied topically on cuts and soars.

Free Cursive Fonts For Cricut

Free Cursive Fonts For Cricut – Kismet

Kismet is a casual yet bold script font perfect for any design project requiring personalization. Use it on invitations, shirts, wood signs – the possibilities are endless!

This charming cursive font is the perfect finishing touch to your Cricut Maker, Joy machine or Explore projects. It includes lowercase alternates, ligatures and swashes to give your work extra personality!

Honey Florist

Honey Florist is an elegant handwritten script font perfect for product packaging, greeting cards, name tags, advertising materials, social media platforms and clothing. Plus it’s PUA encoded so you can access all glyphs and swashes with ease!

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