Cricut Explore Air Overview

Cricut Explore Air

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The Cricut Explore Air is another popular die cut machine on the market. It’s easier to use compared to the Silhouette 3, and can cut and draw up to 12 inches by 24 inches. Similarly to the Cameo 3, the Cricut comes with dual carriages, so you can draw and cut with a single pass without having to stop to swap out the pen or blade. The Cricut is also Bluetooth and Ipad compatible (Ipad 2/Ipad Mini and newer), so you can cut wirelessly. The Cricut also has a Print and Cut feature, so you can print images from your printer and have the Cricut machine cut them out.

There are two factors that make the Cricut Explore easy to use. The first factor is the Smart Set Dial. The Smart Set Dial is a knob on the outside of the machine that allows users to easily adjust blade depth and pressure according to the material being cut. For special material or cuts, there is also a custom option to change the depth and pressure to a specific setting.

Cricut Smart Set Dial

Smart Set Dial

Another factor that makes the Cricut Explore easy to use is the Design Space Software. Design Space is beginner friendly, so users who aren’t as tech savy will have a better time with the Cricut software. The Design Space Software is an online software, so you will need a good internet connection to use the machine. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the Cricut machine without an internet connection. With Design Space, you won’t be able to create advanced designs from scratch, but you are able to import svg files for free.